Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How street-safari is working

Street-safari is a new kind of city tour. With this smartphone-guided scavenger hunt you will become an interactive city-explorer.

Street-safari consists of questions and funny assignments. They are sent to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Your challenge will be to solve them.

Following each question or task you will receive interesting information about the specified safari station - just like in a guided tour. You get to know the highlights of the city, get useful information and have a lot of fun.

You can earn points for solving questions during your safari, these are your safari points. You will get 10 points for each correct answer. If you can answer a question right away, you will receive 10 safari points as a reward. Should you need a tip from us to solve the question, you will receive 5 safari points. If you fail to give the right answer - despite our tips - you unfortunately receive no safari points.

At the end of your smartphone scavenger hunt your safari points will be added. The higher your score, the higher your placement in the Safari regional league table. Who hasn´t dreamed of taking first place in this table?

Everything around street-safari

After the completion of your safari you will come to your scoring. According to your accumulated points you will find your placement in the safari regional league table.

You need at least one, there is no upper limit.

Once you have booked a ticket, you will get the starting address and an activation code via email. Once you've arrived at your starting point, give your activation code into your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Get started with the first task!

Each team has to order a ticket. Important: Each team must have at least a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

No problem, you can buy a ticket and then have one year to redeem it. Important: If you want to start your safari, you need the email with the activation code.

After you have bought a ticket, you will receive the start address via email.

If your answer at the first attempt is not correct, we will help you with some hints for each question. If you still can´t answer correctly, you will receive the solution automatically and then the next question.

No problem, just press the "Skip" button in the corresponding task and you get the next question.

Simply log out, you can later login again using your activation code. Alternative solution: If you play a safari with several people you can appoint another person of your team as Captain and all questions will be sent to his smartphone, tablet or laptop. For this he must follow the instructions set out in the mail. By the way: You can at any time convey a co-participants to Captain.

Registration, costs and payment

Registration for street-safari takes place exclusively online on this website.

The participation fee for each participant  is 9 Euro (incl. VAT.). It contains all the questions and tasks of the booked street-safari, incl. possible assistance.

You get your ticket immediately after online order via email - no matter which payment method (PayPal, bank transfer, voucher or start code redemption) you select.

Yes, as with a guided tour. Please note: Each team has a captain who will receive the tasks and questions, but you have to solve them all together. Of course you can compete individually or against one another in several teams. Who "hunted" most of safari points at the end is the winner or the winning team. 

No, in addition to the ticket fee there are no additional costs for you.

You can pay by PayPal, bank transfer or by redeeming a voucher or a start code.

You have one year to play your street-safari. This period begins with the purchase of your ticket.

Times, duration and distances

Approximately 1.5 hours. Depending on how many stops you insert and how long you need to answer the questions.

No problem. If you have to cancel your street-safari, you can continue it any time within one year. Simply activate the Safari again with the activation code sent by us and your safari will automatically start at the point where you've stopped.

The distance from a safari station to the next is always reachable within walking distance. Just imagine you take a walk and by the way you solve some funny tasks /challenges.

You can always pause your street safari. Z. B. um zu etwas zu essen oder Dich auszuruhen - kein Problem. Note: Your ticket is valid for 1 year. So you can continue your safari a few weeks or even months later. Simply activate the Safari again with the activation code sent by us and your safari will automatically start at the point where you've stopped.

Whenever you want (24 hours a day), whether working day or holiday.


All you need is an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or a laptop and comfortable shoes. During your safari you will need internet connection on your phone. That's it. Note: You don´t need a map!

No, you can play your street-safari with any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

No problem! Street-safari will work with every network operator. Important notice: During your safari you will need internet connection on your phone.